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Why should you do Retargeting through Facebook Ads

Facebook is the only social media platform that has so far, been highly used for targeting and retargeting your audience. The best thing? It works.

You need to accept the fact that more than 90% of people who visit your website daily are there to wander or have a look. They forget about your website as soon as they click the ‘back’ button and move onto another website.

So how will you make them remember that they visited you? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss in this blog post. Facebook is not only a good place to target audience but also retarget them. You must be thinking why there is a need to do so. Here’s why:

1.Facebook Ads catch attention when people are having some free time

Usually, everyone is busy every time during the day. By the end of the day, they get some free time and decide to spend it socializing. That’s how you are going to retarget them. When an individual opens Facebook, and there’s an Ad from your side again, he might have another glimpse this time.

A better chance? He might end up buying something today!

So when people are not free to open your website during their busy hours, they can do it in their free time through Facebook Ad.

2.They amplify your presence

As a marketer, you need to deliver your message plenty of times to make your audience ready to convert. It also amplifies your presence on social media, and that is definitely important for a marketer.

You cannot go for a new Ad, again and again, it doesn’t work. Only retargeting Ads on Facebook can help you increase your conversion and trapping the minds of visitors. It increases your rankings and ultimately, more conversions and higher revenue.

3.They increase your popularity

Retargeting your audience and redisplaying your Ad multiple times through Facebook can help you with your popularity owing to the 1.5 billion people who use Facebook on average.

It maintains your brand visibility, and people will know that there’s someone out there delivering quality products and services. It makes them never forget you.

4.You can increase your audience

Facebook Ads help in finding your audience and retargeting through Facebook Ads help you in increasing your audience. Facebook Ads come with an interesting feature of “Lookalike Audiences and Custom Audiences”

This feature is the best thing you can utilize to retarget the same audience as well as build some new one. As you must already know: Greater the audience, Higher the chances of conversions.

As per research, most of the people buy products subconsciously. When your retarget using Facebook Ads, your old audience might end up buying subconsciously due to some familiarity while the new audience will buy subconsciously as they have come across something similar to what matches their interests.

Eventually, retargeting through Facebook Ads help build good audience and customers.

5.You spend less money on advertising

As you use Facebook Ads to advertise your brand’s products/services, you need to pay for that. Interestingly, the cost of running Facebook Ads work in coherence with the number of clicks. You need to spend less on Ads as your visitors increase.

Therefore, it is highly suggested to do retargeting through Facebook Ads. The more engaged you are with your old and new audience, the lesser you have to spend on advertising. What can be better than this? Getting more people to know you and buy from you while paying less for that.

All of these good reasons suggest you should do retargeting through Facebook Ads!

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