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Why Good Website Design is the Holy Grail for Businesses?

The world of website design has come a long way since businesses first started developing an online presence for their brand. These days, it’s not enough simply to have a website. It needs to be good looking, easy to use and designed with the sales funnel in mind.

In short, great website design for businesses could be the difference between them making money or not.

In this blog post, we’ll explain why you should be prioritising your website and reveal why website design is about so much more than just “making it look pretty”…

Why your website is so important

Your website is the online manifestation of your brand. And a platform to showcase your products and services in the best light. So in the same way that your shop, restaurant, or office should look clean and professional for your customers and clients, so should your website.

And in today’s digital world, your customers expect a lot from your online presence.

The generation that never knew a life without the internet have long since grown up and become adults. So it’s no longer enough for your website to display relevant information. It needs to surprise and delight. It should add value to your target audience, inspire them to connect with your brand and encourage them to purchase.

Great web design does this and so much more.

Why website design is more than just looks

Your online presence should make communication between your business and its customers easy and fast. The aim is always to engage visitors and turn them into customers.

Try to think of your website as a lead generation platform, not just a shop window. Because it’s not just your online “shop”; it’s your shop assistant too. It has to be able to showcase your products and at the same time sell them with appealing imagery and compelling copy.

Your website is also your receptionist. Customers today want to be able to go online and make a booking or enquiry in no more than three clicks. So the design of your website has to make it easy for them.

And we live in a social world. People want to share the great things they find online. So it’s essential that your website is synced with the social channels your existing and potential customers use.

A mobile responsive website is also a must. Depending on your target demographic, the majority of your customers would already be accessing websites via their smartphones. If your website isn’t responsive, very quickly you’ve lost that customer.

Don’t fall into the trap that many small businesses do: don’t treat your website as an online brochure. It’s a shop floor, a receptionist, sales assistant, and social network all rolled into one. But you can only achieve that with good website design!

Generate more enquiries, stand out and attract clients online. For more information on great website design for businesses, contact us today for a free consultation.   



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