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Why are Funnels Required for Facebook Ads?

With Facebook Ads, anyone can run campaigns and make some great outstanding sales with profits. Whatever your brand and market are, you can conveniently sell on the Facebook platform where you can reach thousands or millions of prospective target audience and customers.

But then, the ideal sales funnel would be required to get the most out of the platform. This is the secret to winning with Facebook Advertising.

So what really is Facebook Sales Funnel?

The funnel is created to capture a users’ interest & then nurture such prospect till they are ready to take action to buy. The idea of using Facebook funnel is to utilize vital messages that connect with users at diverse phases with regards to systematically working on them closer to sales conversion.

To achieve this, you can use organic posts, but much better and effective when you use highly targeted Facebook ads. This should be well generated to appeal to the right target audience at specific phases of the funnel.

With Facebook ads, businesses have vast selling potentials to hit goal; however, it won’t be successful without the right sales funnel.
Facebook sales funnels are created to trigger demand, jogging the memory of users of the pain points or needs that they might not be aware of. With a Facebook sales funnel, you will be able to significantly stand out from the stiff competition online, and actually get the sales conversions you aim for.

Phases of Facebook Sales Funnel

There are few vital phases that are common with the Facebook sales funnel, and these are as follows:
• An end-user on the platform discovers and is then introduced to your brand, service or product. This is the awareness stage.
• Users become acquainted with your products/services and interest is built. They may further think about buying by showing an ad that gives value. This is consideration stage.
• Users at the final phase of the sales funnel get warmed up to buy from you or book a consultation with you. This is the acquisition stage.
Users at this phase of the sales funnel have bought your services/products; however, you can’t just forget about them. Through retargeting, you have to keep on keeping in touch with them as you nurture the relationship with the goal to have them as long-term customers rather than as one-time customers.

How to Create Facebook Sales Funnel

It is easy if you know what you are doing and the right process. You can utilize diverse kinds of content & ads to appeal to your target audience (those that are already in different phases of the sales funnel).
Follow these steps to create your Facebook sales funnel:

1. Create Awareness
– Creating an Ad that gives free downloads, free learning through a blog post.
– You can run a social media contest and give users incentives for referring a friend that signs up for the contest. This will enrich you with their email address, awareness level, etc.

2. Consideration
– Target customers who interacted with your awareness ads with an Ad that leads them to your website or landing page which showcases your services or shows testimonials.
– Give an option to book a free consultation at this stage. These are re-targeting ads.

3. Acquisition
– Final funnel step is where we want to capture customers who did not interact or book a consultation by showing an ad to send a message. Maybe they want to have some instant communication before they book a consultation.

Different industries have different sales funnels. Above funnel works best for service sectors.

Consideration and Acquisition stages are where we retarget the audience captured in the Awareness stage. Finally, Test, Test, Test… You never know which strategy works for your business.

A successful Facebook ad campaign can best thrive with a Facebook sales funnel in place. Used correctly, it will help capture users’ interest and create demand. If you can’t get it right, let the experts’ help you out, and don’t miss out!

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