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What Is New In The World of Web Development?

Today’s digital marketplace requires your website to make good use of technology and design trends. But design can never be complete without development. Keeping on top of  Website development—the coding and the programming needs—is what brings a site’s design elements to life.

Every now and then as per the recent trends and consumer interactions, some new changes are always expected. In this blog post, we are talking about new trends that are getting importance and increasing day by day.

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI) systems, is extremely a large growing market and will keep growing rapidly in the next coming years. The value it presents to businesses and how projects are being run – is just outstanding!

It simply offers a more personalized way of doing business in this 21st century. Each chatbot communication can be personalized as you want – contingent on user’s preferences. Using chatbot is like interrelating with a friend.

It offers you the benefit to chat using gifs, emoticons, videos, making it a great bot that does better than conventional email marketing.

Chatbots are driving direct, one-on-one customer interactions.

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Images in Motion

Static images have now become a trend of the past. Users are now demanding more visually engaging, more interactive experiences on the web now more than ever before. And the best website designs are the ones making use of new technologies to give it to them. Animations, slideshows, videos, and graphical interchange formats (GIFs), have taken the world of web design by storm.

One Page Websites

The single-page website trend found its footing this year and should continue to become more common and it’s likely to transform the world of development. Navigation is based on scrolling or using links that jump up or down the page to that particular section. And with more than half of all global Internet users now mobile, there’s a pressing need for sites to be mobile responsive.

The biggest advantage of this type of website is simplicity. From a design point of view, one-page sites reduce clutter on the screen, captivate users, and are easily intuitive. There is no complex navigation or deep menu to traverse. And the design works well on mobile devices, where scrolling is a common navigation method. This style provides a modern solution to simple online needs and is inexpensive to develop and host. Multiple tabs and pages don’t work for users on smartphones and tablets. And if those aren’t good enough reasons to go one page, then consider the fact that they’re yielding higher conversion rates.

Compelling and interactive web designs are driving the digital marketplace.





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