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What CMS(Content Management System) To Use For Your New Website

What is a CMS?

CMS( Content Management System) are softwares you use to create and publish content on websites.

There are ton of options from subscription-based options like Squarespace to self-hosted options like WordPress and Drupal.

You may be using any of these already. But if you are just getting started and need a different solution WordPress is a free open source content management system that you can install on your own web host and use to build beautiful websites and publish content with little to no technical knowledge.

It started as a simple blogging platform in 2003 and since then evolved as a full Content Management Software that powers more than 25% of the web including:

Techcrunch,Forbes, TED, The NFL,UPS,Mashable, The Next Web, Playstation,Time,Nasa, Harvard Business Review,Nikon, Coca-cola and many more major companies use WordPress. All use WordPress to power their websites and blogs.

Simple and Easy to Use

WordPress itself is very simple but it is specifically designed to be modified and extended.Thats primarily done through themes and plugins.Themes control the appearance of the site and plugins control the functionality. If you want to change the way your site looks you install a theme, if you a feature that WordPress doesn’t offer you install a plugin.It can look and function exactly how you want it to be for your business.

You can control your website’s security and also control spam emails. It is fully optimized to do SEO and helps with good ranking.

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We power all our client’s Websites in WordPress and make sure to include all features and functionalities. Contact us if you need help with designing your website in WordPress.

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