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Website Redesign: Questions To Ask Yourself & Answers To Common Queries

Here at Conveyz, we get asked a lot about website redesign. Generally, this is because our clients actually already have a website. It might be old or broken, or just not fit for purpose, and that’s why they’re considering a revamp.

There are numerous reasons why a redesign of an existing website might be needed:

  • It is no longer on brand
  • It looks old or dated
  • It is difficult to navigate
  • It requires additional functionality
  • It’s not responsive
  • It’s too hard for visitors to make purchases

We encourage clients to perform an objective review of their website to assess whether a redesign is right for them.

Do you need a website redesign?

Reviewing your existing website with a critical eye can be a challenging process. The existing website may have been created in consultation with you, but a long time ago. It might have been suitable then, but is it still doing its job now?

It can be hard to admit when your website no longer works. But the world of websites is constantly evolving. It’s virtually impossible to design and build a website and expect it to be fit for purpose for the next 10 years.

We’ve put together the following list of questions to help you review your website. Being honest with yourself during this process will benefit your business in the long run.

Q1: Is your website design on brand?

Is your website on brand? And this isn’t just about colours. Does it accurately reflect the personality of your business as it is today, or even as you want it to be in the next couple of years? Your website is a window into your business. Look at your website now; is this the image you want to project?

Q2: Does your website show your uniqueness?

Your website should illustrate how your business is unique. Your USP should be part of your brand. Therefore, it should permeate throughout your website.

Whatever it is, that thing, that makes your business different from the rest, should be immediately evident when someone views your website. Visitors won’t wait around to be convinced. You need to get their attention straight away. And the way to do that is by highlighting how you’re different.

Q3: Is your website responsive?

Nowadays, people surf the internet on multiple devices; phones, tablets, even smart TVs. And it’s no longer just the young that do this. Your customers are using these devices. They’re researching online and making purchasing decisions based on website content.

So it’s hugely important that your website “responds” appropriately to the device through which it’s being accessed. Responsive websites provide a much better user experience to visitors. They are also favoured by Google’s algorithm, so are more likely to appear in search results.  

Q4: Is it easy to navigate, make enquiries and purchase?

Above all, your website must be easy to navigate. If a visitor can’t find what they’re looking for within the first few seconds of arriving, they could lose interest and go to your competitor.

Look at your main navigation. Is it easy to find out about the business? Is it easy to get in touch? How do visitors navigate to your online shop? Are there too many pages visible there? Are they ordered correctly? Remember: visitors likely have no prior knowledge of your business, so don’t assume that because you know what you mean, they do.    

Q5: Is there anything it can’t do that it should do?

Websites can do so much now. Can your business become more efficient by offloading certain tasks to the website? An online booking system, for example, or meeting scheduler, can free up the time taken to put appointments into the diary.  

Website redesign FAQs

If you’ve decided that a website redesign is right for you, you probably have lots of further questions. Because it’s called a “redesign”, we have found that some clients are confused as to what actually needs to be done.

We aim to answer a few of these questions below, so you can feel good about the process.

What’s the difference between a design and a redesign?

In reality, very little. Though the URL, content and business are the same, a website redesign is essentially the delivery of a brand new website.

How long will my site be down while it’s being redesigned?

Hopefully, it won’t be down at all. We design and build in a developer space that doesn’t go live until it’s 100% ready. We can then transition it to your existing URL at the same time as taking down your old site.

Do I have to change web hosts?

Not necessarily. We can continue to work with your current web host, or start fresh with a new one – it’s up to you. Just be aware that you will need to know how to access your web hosting account.

What is the process?

We will conduct a review of your existing website in consultation with you, based on the five questions in the first half of this blog post. We will then come up with a design concept for you to approve. All our websites are SEO friendly.

Contact us if you have any further questions or concerns about a possible website redesign. You’re under no obligation and we’re happy to help where we can.

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