Website Design – How to measure its ROI?

Website Design Cost Calculator

With every marketing activity that we do, we always try to look at its return on investment. Even with website design, we can look at calculating its ROI and how it will be helpful in the long run. Website ROI is also based on its cost and results. Let’s look at both.

Cost of building a website

Website pricing varies wildly as per an agency or freelancer. It can start from $1000 to $10000 depending on the features involved in the website.

But true investment and its return can always be known by regularly updating the website with good digital marketing tactics. Just designing a website and leaving it without optimising it wouldn’t give any results for new websites. Regular tracking will help to understand the return expected at a certain time.

For an old website with a business running since years a website redesign looking at the past analytics or even changing as per recent trends will give a massive increase in the enquiries and the quality of customers.

For example, here’s How a Redesigned Website Helped a Gearbox Manufacturer Attract a $50K Client in the First Month of Going Live. Read more on it here.

How can we measure ROI ?  What results need to be measured?

It depends on what objective you had while designing the website.

Whether it was

  • Increase in no. of sales for an online store
  • Increase in consultations booked
  • Percentage increase in traffic to website
  • Increase in leads generated
  • Percentage of new subscribers to blog or email
  • Increase in traffic

…or any whatever objective you have decided for your business, ROI will be measured on that metrics.

With a website redesign, many customers have definitely got an increase in traffic and new leads. Though the figures can skyrocket with a good digital marketing strategy.

With website redesigns, one thing should be avoided. If there is a page that is getting good traffic and leads then that page shouldn’t be changed. Instead similar type of pages should be designed to increase the overall traffic of the website.

If you want to understand your website’s return over a period of time with regular optimization and tracking, then Conveyz Web Design and Digital Marketing can help.


Website Design – How to measure its ROI?
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