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Understand The Four Stages Of A Website Design Sales Funnel


In this blog post, let’s look at the decision making process and how people actually buy from you from your website design. What stages are important to consider while designing web pages.

After all the point is to get more people to convert on your website for more revenue generation.To understand how buyers progress to making those purchases.

Different stages of funnel represent different strategies and different approaches to design your landing pages.

AIDA is the foundation and backbone of every sales funnel. Every buyer goes through four main stages.

  1. A-Awareness- Builds up the foundation for customers actually go into buying process
  2. I – Interest- Customer is Interested in evaluating options, interested in engaging with brands
  3. D-Desire- Customer has evaluated options, have a need, and is actually in the mode that he desires to buy
  4. A-Action- Customer is aware that your product exists, interested in knowing about it, desire it, and takes action

First three stages are through the external stimuli in the market which affects awareness, interest and desire.

So the types of visitors that are at the awareness stage and that need to go through the sales cycle are Browsers and valuers . Browsers are the ones who have not made a decision to yet buy from you and are just getting to know you.

Valuers are those who want your type of product but are going through the comparison stage and writing down options.

Action stage is not necessarily controlled by external stimuli but is a natural result if other stages are met.

Now why are we talking this with website design. Website design will have visitors who will fall into all these specific categories.

Depending on where your visitors are in the funnel it is very important and target customers with information accordingly.

Length of time it takes for a person to go through these sales funnel is big or small depending on what the conversion goal is.

If you are tracking sales it has a longer sales cycle. If you are tracking awareness, like a newsletter sign up or e-book download it has a shorter sales cycle which means faster and easier sales funnels.

These four stages are crucial for every single sales journey on a website. And it is very important to know if you are driving traffic through marketing campaigns, these are the four stages that you need to consider and direct your web visitors accordingly.

So while going through all these stages, what does the buyer have in mind?

Do you have what I want? Why buy from you?

Brainstorm on these questions and design your web pages that gives these answers.

It is important to understand human behavior while designing websites.

If you want to run marketing campaigns that follows these four stages, please contact us.

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