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Three Types Of Effective Web Design Landing Pages


In this blog post we will glance through the three types of website landing pages and how do you decide what type of landing page do you need for your marketing campaign?

Where should you send your website traffic to?

Depending on what your marketing campaign goal is, will determine where your traffic should go. Either to your primary site, microsite or dedicated landing page.

  1. Primary site

Traffic to your primary site means to any page on the website – a product page or a homepage. Contains everything about your business

  • It has all types of navigation to all different products.
  • Brings in all customers for different product needs, has testimonials, and additional copy
  1. Microsite- is a truncated modified version of your main site. Simpler version of your main website. Has specific category of products with a call to action.
  • It is a subset site of your products
  • Have multiple supporting information, but main site provides most information
  1. Dedicated landing page

A dedicated landing page is designed specifically for one product with one call to action.

  • It has no Navigation- only brand logo with a clear call to action
  • One action – no supporting information
  • Gives a sense of urgency
  • It is most popularly used for PPC campaign, Facebook Ad campaigns
  • It provides the the ability to design a page for one click to achieve that one particular conversion.

Example of dedicated landing page from our website is  https://media.conveyz.com.au/14-steps-to-website-design/

It leads customers to one conversion goal of getting the free guide.

Let’s see what attention ratio ability can all these sites have.

Attention ratio is measured as the ratio of no.distractions from primary conversion action

Attention ratio of 1:1 means one click to complete one conversion

  • Primary site: Can have 180 clicks leading to one conversion. Eg:
  • Microsite site can have have 60 click leading to one conversion
  • Dedicated landing page has ability for a attention ratio of 1:1. Which means one click to one conversion

Low distractions=High conversions

Always aim for few distracting actions as that helps in better conversions.When you run PPC campaigns or Facebook Ad campaigns always aim to have a landing page and decide where the traffic goes to. Dedicated landing page is our preferred page for marketing campaigns.

If you would like advice on design and development of your landing pages for marketing campaigns, we would be happy to chat, contact us today.

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