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Three Best Campaigns for Facebook Ads

Once you choose your objective and create your ad, the next thing is to campaign the ad. With the help of a targeted campaign, people are aware of your business and your products. Without a proper campaign and strategy, Facebook Ads are a waste of money.

So when it comes to Facebook ad campaigns, there are a number of different campaigns. Out of those, few are the most effective and essential for your business. If you want your business to make sales quickly through Facebook ads, following are the three best campaigns:

1. Messenger campaign

To make people aware of your products or services and generate leads, messenger ads incredible type of campaign. With different ways and options, you can target the people in a nearby location or broader area, as per your objectives.

Using Chatbox in Messenger campaign

Messenger campaigns are initialized to get more exposure. So why not peek into creating chatbox for maximum leads.

Chatboxes can qualify, give lead magnets and also book appointments. The ads popping up through messenger campaign can include a Call to Action (CTA) button that gets communicated via Facebook Messenger.

2. The Lead Form Ad Campaign

Lead form ads are the stage where people get to know about your business. Here people choose whether they want to buy from you or not.

As this stage is crucial, it needs a strong campaign. We found the lead form to be the best type of campaign for this purpose.

The objective of lead form ads is to get leads for your business by creating offers that are for awareness.

So you can easily collect email addresses using lead magnets. Some most helpful lead magnets include whitepaper, a free trial, a coupon, and a discount code.

Leads got from lead froms Ads need to be followed up very quickly as they tend to be forgotten fast and the conversion rate can slow down.

3. Conversion Campaigns

At this stage, you ideally convince people to purchase from you. And so, the visitors convert into customers.

To have a good conversion rate after reaching maximum reach and engagement, conversion campaigns are an important tool. By initiating conversion campaign, you can get an increased number of audience on your landing pages be it your website or application.

Conversion campaigns come with several objectives, such as increased sales, booking calls, and getting leads.

With these campaigns, you can target cold, warm or hot audiences. To target warm and hot audiences you should have enough audience size for conversion campaigns. Normally a audience size of more than 50k is good for cold audiences.

To fulfill your conversion objectives, Facebook offers different types of ads, such as:

  • Photos
  • Video
  • Slideshow
  • Carousel
  • Collection

You can choose what suits best for your products/services.

Conveyz has provided great results for real estates, naturopaths and cleaning agencies to generate leads through a tailored Facebook Ads campaign. If you need a Facebook Ads campaign which is results focused, contact us now at contact@conveyz.com.au

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