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What is SEO?

SEO involves a systematic process of optimizing a website to attract more visitors. With a well-orchestrated SEO service, your website will benefit greatly from being highly ranked within the search engines.

This process includes choosing appropriate keywords that people usually look out for when searching for niche services within the search engines. Once done correctly, you are sure to RANK high for such keywords, meaning for every time those keywords are searched online, your website will appear on the first page of Google or other search engines, which of course is every person’s dream.

Affordable SEO By Conveyz

Selection of proper keywords, good content and links makes it a better approachable deal for your website. This requires proper knowledge and new techniques which you get only at Conveyz.

We do detailed content marketing all done manually without use of any automated tools. Reporting on your traffic, performance and statistics gives you an overview each week on where your website stands. Our Search Engine Optimisation Solution is flexible, cost-efficient & highly rewarding for every online business owner with a website or e-store.

We provide packages from only 5 keywords which makes it best affordable for small businesses.Traffic and ranking reports each month gives an excellent insight into your website’s online growth.

Our SEO Team

With proven result-oriented practice in this field, our expert SEO team can attend to every business and niche online, and we can help boost your online presence, with better page ranking and higher domain authority.

All of these directly help you beat your competitors, attract more organic traffic with loads of visitors pumping into your website to check out your products/services, and with more potentials to make better sales and profit, with all-round success! Conveyz SEO services are ethical, white hat and 100% safe.

We always put into consideration new updates and algorithmic modifications by Google or other search engines and hence provide the best SEO solution that best complements such changes. Not every SEO company does this; making us the most preferred and result oriented providers in this context. Our SEO covers On Page Optimisation, Off Page Optimisation, Social Media, and so much more!

Competitor Analysis

We do a thorough competitor analysis to see which keywords are your competitors ranking for and the volume of search for that keyword. This helps to determine which content your competitors are getting traffic and we optimize your website based on that.

We definitely do four high-quality blogs a month and directory submissions to create backlinks along with on-page optimization. Social media posts engage your audience in the blog and submissions of the blog to online directories increases engagement.


Contact us now for the best SEO services and together with your goals, dreams & our expertise, we will help take your business to the next higher level. Talk to us now and find out why all our clients adjudge us as the best SEO provider. Come let’s achieve your goals together right on time and within affordable budget.

Our SEO goal for you is to offer organic top ranking on Google, to improve your business, increase traffic and generate profit with high ROI. No Contracts ! Pay Monthly!

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