SEO Vs. Lead Generation: The Simple Answer

Although Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and lead generation are sales promotional ideas, they are not the same but go well together.

SEO leads to lead generation but lead generation might not necessarily lead to first page Google rankings (goal of SEO). Lead generation can happen with different methods. SEO is a way of generating leads.

It has to be challenging to decide where and how to spend your energy as a company owner or a B2B marketer. Both of these are significant, in our opinion.

However, the link between the two and how these affect your company is not as apparent.

Let’s have a peek at what these terms genuinely represent before we examine how they might complement one other.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the practice of increasing your page’s exposure and visitors through natural or unpaid search engine results on search engines. That is the process of fine-tuning websites to boost your ranking in search engines. The main objective of SEO is to enhance the website’s visibility to attract the correct visitors through search results. SEO;

● Improves exposure and rankings and can also increase leads but lead generation doesn’t help with organic rankings.

● Boosts the amount of traffic that comes from organic search engines leading to high-quality leads

● Ends up making your goods or service more visible and reputable in the eyes of the user.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation aims to increase customers’ brand awareness so that purchases may be made. Business-to-consumer (B2C) and Business-to-business (B2B) firms both need this procedure. Lead generating;

● Encourages potential brand development 

● Brings leads that can be both low quality and high quality if not marketed correctly

SEO helps with lead generation but lead generation doesn’t help with SEO but is a part of it (increasing organic rankings on Google)

So, now you know the differences between SEO and lead creation, let’s look at how you might combine the two to create more targeted traffic also while developing a sales funnel.

Why is SEO Such a Good Match for Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a part of SEO. SEO has a lot of other factors that need to be considered to get brand exposure and google rankings.

Assume a firm has implemented a work-from-home policy in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. In this circumstance, the organization’s HR administrator is unclear on supporting individuals in collaborating on initiatives. So he conducts a Google search using phrases such as “working at home productivity tools” and “company virtual collaboration software.”

Later she comes across a site with the headline “Practical Strategies for Using Teleconferencing for Virtual Business.” His firm does not have a teleconferencing option.

So he goes to the website and sees a piece on how Zoom may assist with distant work togetherness, along with a link to another resource. He considers the further link explaining the value of Zoom After clicking on it, he subsequently looks for Zoom-related information such as tutorials and how-to manuals.

The HR manager adheres to the overall business to Zoom after learning about that in reliable third-party publications and on Zoom’s webpage. The HR manager has successfully joined Zoom’s lead channel. But that was possible only after finding the materials and website on search engines which were possible with SEO strategies.

The Main Benefits of SEO for Businesses

● SEO may be used on any online page or material.

● Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aids in the sustained growth of visitors, resulting in quality generating leads prospects at no expense in terms of advertising and marketing.

● A strong SEO ranking would result in lower, quicker, and more profitable returns on investment (ROI).

● By actively impacting other people’s perceptions regarding your service or product, SEO aids in brand exposure.

The Best of Both Worlds – SEO vs. Lead Generation

After working with several customers, SEO Brisbane specialists at Conveyz feel that integrating SEO with lead generation results in a higher number of prospects and a higher conversion rate.

What Role Does SEO Play in Lead Generation?

This is how it works in short:

● It assists you in ranking for business-related keywords.

● Organic search results can lead prospective consumers to your website.

● When your information fits the demands of your intended audience, you’ll be able to turn a casual reader/lead into a prospect and, ultimately, a customer.

SEO would act as a funnel, bringing a steady stream of visitors to the website. Altogether, this should turn your blog into one of the most effective lead generation software available.

Previously, the majority of businesses relied on cold calling (an outbound advertising strategy). Cold Calling has proven useless since the introduction of digital advertising.

In comparison, SEO (an inbound advertising strategy) aids in the discovery of prospects. The SEO leads who contact you will become more open to everything you’ve to provide than the strangers you get.

Here are several fascinating SEO lead generating metrics which you should be aware of:

● SEO may result in a 14.6% conversion rate when done correctly. (According to 99 Firms.)

● The closure rate for SEO prospects is 14.6%. (Courtesy of HubSpot.)

● SEO, according to 57% of B2B companies, produces more prospects than every business model. (Junto is the reference.)

Overall, when you’re searching for a way to create more prospects, SEO lead creation is a method you shouldn’t overlook.

Additional SEO Pointers for Getting More Leads

There are a few new options you should focus on to deliver a seamless SEO lead-generating process.

● Fix broken connections both inside and externally regularly.

● Each page of the website should have an engaging title and meta tags.

● Your data’s key phrases should flow organically.

● Employ alt tags and provide your images with suitable titles.

● Maintain a current sitemap.

● Ensure your site’s URLs are easy to comprehend for both visitors and google search.

● To prevent search results from indexing undesirable information, use the robots.txt tag.

Conclusion – Using SEO for Lead Generation

Regarding increasing the number of leads for your business, SEO is among the most effective strategies you can employ. People must comprehend how a practical SEO approach may assist them in becoming located online by prospective customers.

You’d want some help applying these ideas in your marketing initiatives. At Conveyz SEO Brisbane agency you will get answers to your questions.

We specialize in assisting businesses in developing successful digital marketing strategies that increase revenue via search engine optimization.

You might have begun to employ a couple of these strategies without realizing it. However, from here on, be sure that most of your actions are made to boost your platform’s rating.

As a result, whenever individuals do their online research, they discover what they’re searching for. Isn’t it past time you gained an advantage over your rivals?

SEO Vs. Lead Generation: The Simple Answer
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