SEO Considerations For a Website Redesign

SEO Considerations For a Website Redesign

When you are planning a website redesign, it is crucial you take SEO into consideration so the website does not lose current traffic or rankings.

When you do redesign the main goal is to get more customers but if you lose rankings the redesign wouldn’t help.

It is necessary to understand the answers to the following questions so that you don’t lose current rankings.

  1. What pages get the most traffic and referrals?
  2. Which pages receive the most back links?( Backlinks are your website links on other sites)
  3. Will these top pages (found in #1 and #2) have a new URL?
  4. Are any pages being deleted? Is it necessary to delete these pages?
  5. What pages will the deleted pages be redirected to?
  6. What internal pages do the the deleted pages link to?
  7. Are the new pages that will receive the redirect relevant to the old page and target the same keywords?
  8. What changes are being made to the site architecture?
  9. What pages are changing position (example: main menu to submenu) b. How is the internal linking structure changing? What links are being removed from the main navigation, main menu and sidebar?
  10. Will content change on the existing pages? Will the current on-page optimization be carried over to the new site?
  11. Are the same images going to be used?
  12. Do images currently refer any traffic?

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SEO Considerations For a Website Redesign
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