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Optimize Facebook Ads For Leads

Facebook Ads was launched in 2007, and it has grown massively in the past twelve years. From improving Ad formats to refining targeting,

Facebook constantly evolved their product to make it the best place for advertising.

Today, companies are choosing Facebook Ads over traditional Ads, and the amount spent on Facebook Ads is growing every year.

Why is it growing, though? The primary reason is high advertising ROI.

Advertising on Facebook is undoubtedly profitable, but to get the fruits, you have to work on the soil first.

That means, to get the maximum returns from Facebook Ads, you have to optimize them first.

And we’re going to tell you how you can go about it.

The savage power of optimized Facebook Ads

In the year 2012, Samsung started a three week Ad campaign on Facebook for the launch of Galaxy S III smartphone.

Their Facebook Ad campaign was perfectly optimized.

It was a perfect example of how optimized Facebook Ads can bring numbers to your business.

Samsung spent $10 Million On Facebook Ads and guess what was the returning number?

$129 Million. Isn’t it amazing?

And how long did the campaign last? Just three weeks.

Imagine going from $10 Million to $129 Million in just three weeks.

That’s how powerful well optimized Facebook Ads can be.

Optimizing Facebook Ads – How to get started?

First off. Decide your Ad Objective 

Do you want people to give you their info? Or, do you want them to buy stuff from you? The objective of your advertisement should be clear.

Accordingly. you’ll be able to target the right audience and choose the best Ad format.

The word optimizing essentially means this – Making the best use of a resource.

So to make the best use of Facebook Ads, the second important thing to do is..

Knowing and understanding your prospects.

The most distinct feature of Facebook Ads is the ability to target the people you want.

But for targeting the right audience, you need know who they are, and understand them well.

The easiest way to being this process is by making a Persona of your audience.

What on earth is a persona?


“A persona is a fictional representation of the ideal person you want to target”



Generally, companies don’t create a persons for Facebook Ads.

But we are the only Facebook advertising company in Brisbane that think of persona as a rudder.

When you prepare a persona, you take the first step towards optimizing Facebook Ads.

Remember the first step? Knowing and understanding your prospects.

Elements of a persona for Facebook Ads 

Making a persona is essentiality defining the person you want to target. Start by listing down the following:

  • Background.
  • Interests.
  • Demographics
  • Things they follow on Facebook.

By marketing research and studying your existing customers, you can get the information for your persona.

Choosing the best Ad format 

We all have seen Facebook Ads in multiple formats. They are unique and engaging. But while choosing the best one for your campaign. You should look at:

The type of campaign you want to run 

If you’re about to launch a new product in the market, you may need to start a brand awareness campaign. And for that purpose, choose the format which goes well with your campaign.

Images and Videos are good for creating a buzz for your product.

If you want to sell through Facebook Ads, then you can direct them to a landing page.

We’ve been doing Facebook marketing for our clients in Brisbane, and achieved some great results through landing pages.

They’re helpful in collecting emails, getting messages and calls, and scheduling store visit for our clients.

Using the new cool thing –  Chatbots 

facebook chatbots

To make Ads more engaging, Facebook has extended its advertising to messenger.

You can have a chatbot respond to the queries of your customers. What’s even better? You can send a sponsored message to people in your area using the bot.

And when optimized well, these chatbots can get a surprising amount of people into the funnel.

Another feature of bots in Facebook Messenger is sending quick replies to people about their business queries.

Crafting the perfect message 


This is the point where we talk about the creative aspects of Facebook Ads.

You have $1000 to spend. Lose it on poorly crafted Ads or multiply them from thoughtful ones.

If you’ve seen a Facebook Ad and you liked it. You may feel jumpy about getting up and crafting something similar. But we’d say, STOP!

That’s not the way to go about running highly optimized Facebook Ad campaigns.

Look for what would be best for your business. Go back to the persona you created, see what is working for others in the niche. See how you can be better than them.

Understand the fundamentals first and then work on crafting an Ad.

Things to pay attention to.

Copywriting: if it doesn’t sell after doing everything we’ve mentioned, than you need to fix your copywriting.

Great Facebook Ad copy sells itself without much effort. So make a point that even if there are two words, they should be strategically written.

Design: Like copywriting, design also plays a role in making your Facebook Ads work. Get your graphics designed well, and choose colors that go well with your brand campaign.

Time: Certain Ad campaigns may work only at the specific point of time. So if something is working for your company in the holiday season may not work otherwise. Plan your campaigns timely.

That’s how we optimize Facebook Ads for our clients in Brisbane and produce magical results.

Want us to do Facebook Marketing for you? Just contact us here and we’ll get back.

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