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Online Store Website Design- How To Increase Your Sales?

Considering adding products to your existing website design or a new online store website design?

If you have a website with an online store, then it is definitely because the goal is to increase sales of your products or services. But what few elements are a must to have on your website to increase your sales and conversions rate?

Below are four important elements that we have tested and worked well.

Include your contact information

Just as your website design is launched by your visitor make sure that your contact information is clearly visible and also available in different formats. Consider including a phone number, full mailing address, and email address.

Many B2B customers would rather just talk to a sales representative personally before buying or expressing interest in the product.

Be sure to include as much contact information as you’re comfortable with including online. At a minimum, you should include a contact form that’s easy to access.

Since this is a feature that so many visitors are looking for, it’s a good idea to include these pieces of information on every page of your website.

Improve your design

If your website looks outdated, you’re going to lose out on valuable customers.

To maximize the number of sales you make on your website, consider hiring a professional designer to give your sales page a facelift. If you have already had a new website design, consider updating your product description and pricing. 

It is should not be a one-off design and content. You should constantly make gradual changes to your website design to improve conversions.

Remove the navigation bar during checkout

When your customer has added your product to the cart, while on the checkout page, remove the navigation bar as it distracts your customers to look for more options and finally it happens that you can lose your sale.

Track User activity

For eCommerce website designs, it is important to check the user activity on the sales page to know where the user is experiencing problems navigating through the website and what changes in the design should be made to improve the conversions. This has been considered to be the most important aspect of getting sales. 

Website Security is required for all websites. Read more on it here.

At Conveyz we provide this conversion optimization and regular update to websites as per user activity to improve conversions. Need a website design with all the must feature in it?  Contact Conveyz Web Design based in Brisbane.

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