Is Website Security Important in Website Development?

Prioritize your website security with insights from our in-depth guide. Explore essential techniques and best practices to shield your digital platform against cyber threats. You hear cases about cyber-crimes all the time. The news is filled with such articles and previous experiences with computer hackings have proved the need for much more advanced security systems. Especially for websites that contain sensitive information about millions of people all around the world like Facebook and Twitter.

Imagine if any of these websites were to get hacked. The hacker would have detailed information about so many people on the tip of their fingers. Its true when they say the internet has both been useful to enhance human kinds experience but also put it to risk.

Now, as a business owner running a website where thousands come to purchase products daily, your website security needs to be top notch as well. Any website that has money transactions occurring becomes a viable candidate for hackers to abuse their power over. This is why there are several reasons you should consider having a tight security system in place to not only protect your customers but also yourself.

Here are a few other reasons why website security is important.

Business Reputation Loss:

Business reputation is crucial when conducting a business online. People spreading positive feedback about you to their friends is one of the ways for them to discover your website and browse through what you are selling. If word were to get out that your company’s website has been hacked, your business reputation will obviously be in a loss. You will not be able to acquire new customers and you will probably lose out on the old ones as well.

Running a tight security system therefore helps to prevent such a situation from ever arising. You really don’t want this string of bad luck as only a handful of website owners have ever been able to recover from such losses incurred to the business.

Fear of getting Blacklisted:

If your website gets hacked and even then, you do nothing about it, your website will eventually get blacklisted by every social media platform out there. Social media is a powerful force to reckon with and many of the new world developments first take spark inside them as a simple post. If someone were to write the truth about your hacked website, you can potentially lose millions of people who visit your website daily to purchase products (depends on how much traffic you get in the first place).

When you get blacklisted, any search engine will not present you in the front page as the best choice regardless of how well your SEO skills are. You simply cannot recover unless you contact the search engine owners directly and prove to them that you have resolved the issue. How? Well, you will need to get a full clean sweep of your website before you can start working on it again.

Drop in Revenue:

Once people stop coming to your website to check out your goods and services, your overall revenue will fall. This is a huge red alert and immediate action should be taken to resolve the issue otherwise it can blow out of proportions.

If you do end up getting a new security system installed, you will still have to invest in some major marketing stunts to get back the trust of the people before you start making money again. Ultimately, the customer is the boss and there is no fooling them in this day and age.


Our website design service is located in Brisbane and you can come up to us anytime you feel like you need help in building security or improving it. Even if you want basic information about security and why its important for website development, Conveyz is here to help.

Is Website Security Important in Website Development?
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