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Importance of Images in Website Design

Looking for a new website design?

Images, graphics, videos are the most important things out of all the elements you add on your website. Design where images are used properly creates a warm, welcoming and creates an environment in a way that increases your conversion rate.

Imagery is the number one component that will give visitors a good first impression.

In this blog post we will go through some points on what to consider while choosing images.

Proper use of imagery and graphics can spell the difference between users staying and users leaving.

Images improve conversion rate when:
  • They tell a story
  • They support the product or service based on conventional understanding
  • They evoke emotions
  • They help clarify a confusing concept
  • They are high quality, original and give your site a professional look
Images decrease conversion rate when:
  • They make text harder to read
  • It’s unclear what the image is
  • They are not inline with the brand aesthetic and messaging
  • They look like typical stock photography
  • There are too many of them

Image conveys a message. Some images don’t need a text to give the message. It gets very clear with the image what the product offers with its benefit.

Images evoke emotion. So it is very necessary to have real people wherever possible.

With B2B services, image of a product demo, image of a actual product helps clarify a complicated product or a complicated service.You want your images to be high quality with proper bandwidth and shouldn’t take much time to load.

Text on images should be easy to read. If I am not able to read the text easily and requires much deep thinking to understand it I might not go ahead browsing the website and jump on to another website.

Background Images Tips
  • Use a colorful overlay that matches your brand style, reduces brightness and complexity of the images.
  • Use a solid, black overlay with an opacity level of 80-95%. Professional look while not reducing readability.
  • Blur the background image-enough to let the text be prominent and clear but not too much that you lose the concept of the image.
  • Combine multiple ideas to be creative and unique while not interfering with an easy user experience.
  • Icons and thumbnails should be used to create a sense of structure, cohesiveness and organization.

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