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How to Choose a Website Hosting Provider?

Often times we get this questions asked from a new business owner who is just starting business and needs to know the first step while thinking about a website.

So this post is dedicated to new business owners for questions they have on website hosting and how to decide on a good website hosting provider.

First and foremost thing after you buy a domain name is to decide on your website hosting provider.

Domain registration is just getting a name like www.conveyz.com.au

What is Website Hosting?

In simple terms, hosting is finding a computer to store your files and content that gets pointed to  your domain name. Those files make up your website. This process of keeping your website on a server is called “hosting” or “website hosting”.

So when people go to your domain name, it points them to the server where they have kept their website which will be loaded with the files.

This server must be available 24x7x365 days on the internet and maintained by someone, so that your website is available to users all the time.

How to choose a website hosting provider?

We will looks on different basic areas you need to think on while choosing your website hosting provider.

Tech support: First and foremost that we would look before pricing is to see if they have good technical support team and they should be available 24×7.

This can be found by reading their reviews.

Reason for this is, if your site suddenly goes down with a error or if it doesn’t load, you can immediately contact them and get it fixed.

Tech Specs/Limitations: Never go with the cheapest provider because of limitations on bandwidth and how many users that can come to your website. And all these features discussed in this post are not covered by a cheap hosting.

Features: Make sure they provide hosting from applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Prestashop.

Backups: Backups are very important because if your website suddenly gets erased or while doing something you lose all your data, you should be to retrieve it easily. It is also one of the most important feature to look for in the hosting provider. Normally most of the providers provide it for free.

SSL certificate: Most of the hosting providers provide a SSL certificate which ensures to users that your website is safe and secure to use.

Good spam filter, unlimited email ids: It is good to have a spam filter to block spam emails with features to help with protection from hacking. You also should be able to create unlimited email ids for your company as you scale to new employees.

Control panel should be very easy to use. It is normally called cpanel.

Scalability – If tomorrow I have million users, does the hardware have the capacity to hold that many visitors? Maybe some questions like these can be asked to their support team before purchasing as they might not be clearly visible from their website.

Conveyz provides hosting for new websites which has all of these features and the best part is you don’t have to coordinate with the hosting provider. We take care to see that all above features are met.

Contact Conveyz Web Design & Digital Marketing to get help with Website Design and hosting.

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