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How does Facebook Ads actually Work?

Many businesses have tried Facebook Ads and get disappointed saying, “ Facebook Ads didn’t give me the results.” The reason this happens is that they have tried it themselves without any professional training. Facebook Ads and its platform is a long journey and requires a lot of learning to do it right.

First and foremost is deciding the strategy that will generate leads.

We don’t want to create just an Ad that advertises a business but an Ad that provides value by giving some free tips or a free consultation.

Three steps to always consider with Facebook Ads are:

  1. Create Awareness

– Creating an Ad that gives free downloads, free learning through a blog post.

– You can run a social media contest and give users incentives for referring a friend that signs up for the contest. This will enrich you with their email address, awareness level, etc.

  1. Consideration

– Target customers who interacted with your awareness ads with an Ad that leads them to your website or landing page which showcases your services or shows testimonials.

– Give an option to book a free consultation at this stage. These are retargeting ads.

  1. Acquisition

– The final funnel step is where we want to capture customers who did not interact or book a consultation by showing an ad to send a message. Maybe they want to have some instant communication before they book a consultation.

Different industries have different sales funnels. The above funnel works best for service sectors.

Consideration and Acquisition stages are where we retarget the audience captured in the Awareness stage. Finally, Test, Test, Test… You never know which strategy works for your business.

We build a strategy and sales funnel for every business and keep on testing it till it works to give the best return on investment.

Facebook Ads if done right will deliver a business that – regardless if you are there or not, can operate efficiently and continue to deliver leads.

Contact Conveyz for a Free Consultation on Facebook Ads, how you would target, and build the right strategy for your business.

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