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Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads


When you think of Facebook, what do you think it is? A social platform to connect with old friends from school?

Or a place to watch memes and kill boredom? Well, you’re right to some extent. Facebook is just about entertainment & fun on the surface.

And that’s why one billion people use it every day from around the world.

But, wait – there’s more to Facebook than just killing time.

There’s a whole lot than watching viral cat videos and memes.

Not for the regular audience, but for you as a business owner.

For business owners, Facebook is a platform which defeats traditional marketing loud and clearly.


Why traditional marketing is a thing of the past?



Big billboards on busy intersections, full-page ads on daily newspapers.

Your customers have seen them a lot.

And you may argue that they still see them, and you’d be right.  People still see billboards and newspaper ads.

But how often do they come across a billboard or newspaper ad?

For most people, it’s not even once a day. And for the same people, Facebook brings an array of ads on their feeds.

Each hour. Each day. Every single time they browse facebook on their phones or computers, they see an Ad.

But there are plenty of other reasons why traditional marketing is dying.

Let’s talk about them.


Traditional advertising talks at people, Facebook advertising talks with them


If you spare a thought for the classic newspaper or television ad, you’ll realize that all it does is talk at you.

It doesn’t allow to do anything else. It simply makes you aware of its presence.

We can also say that…

Traditional Ads don’t make the viewers board the train, they just give them a ticket.  

And that’s why we at Conveyz call them frozen ads.

Think about Facebook Ads. They’re completely opposite to traditional ads.  


Facebook Ads are interactive. They inform, communicate, and engage a new set of audience all the time



We say Facebook Ads are not frozen like traditional ads.

They’re running and always looking for new people to reveal themselves.

And people who come across these Ads can also take actions after seeing them.

Their action means leads, enquiries, orders, and website visits for your business. 


What actions can people take after seeing a Facebook Ad?

One thing which is truly exclusive to Facebook Ads is the feature to decide what action should people take.

We believe that it’s the USP of Facebook Ads.

Here are the different actions a viewer can take after seeing your Ad.

  • Order from your website.
  • Message you for an enquiry.
  • Give you their contact details.
  • Install your company’s app.
  • Visit your website.

In addition to that is the liberty of choosing the Ad format.

And you know what? There are plenty of formats to choose from:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Story
  • Messenger
  • Carousel
  • Slideshows
  • Instant Experience Ads( looks like landing pages)

The ability to choose the desired action and ad format make Facebook a potential platform for Ad campaigning.

At  different points of times, you may have different goals for your business.

To meet these goals, we can strategically implement Facebook Ads for you.

Just tell us about your requirement here.

By now you know how distinguished  Facebook Ads are, and why they stand high above traditional marketing.

But that’s not the only reason why we advocate for them.


Facebook Ads and the art of targeting your audience

Now your Ads are ready, you’ve chosen the formats, you’ve set your objective. What’s next?

The next thing is targeting. And it’s excellent.

You can choose the right audience to which Facebook will deliver your Ads.

You can target the right set of audience based on the following:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Connections
  • Interests
  • Behavior

You can also reach your existing customers through Facebook Ads targeting.

There’s a way for that too.

Honestly, we believe that the savage targeting potential of Facebook Ads is enough to keep the wheels of a business spinning.

But only if advertising is done well


Facebook marketing costs a fraction of traditional marketing 

facebook advertising

As per Billboard Australia, the lease for a small 6x3m billboard in Brisbane can be anywhere from $ 1900 to $ 3600 a month.

Keeping aside the installation charges.

And the lease for a landmark site billboard can go up to $ 1,00,000  a month..

That’s a freaking lot.

Talking about television ads, Fitsmallbusiness claims that you will spend around $200-$300 for a 30 second commercial on local channel in Australia.

And Fitssmallbusiness says that advertising in newspapers can go up to thousands of dollars.


Now compare these cost with what Facebook Ads cost

Your Facebook Advertising campaign can start at the cost of a bruch at your favorite hotel.

Yes that’s true.

Facebook Ad campaign starts at a minimal cost and gives you the power of deciding how much you want to spend.

You can get a Facebook Ad running at a budget of $50 a day if you just do retargeting of your website traffic.

To put it simply, you spend only when your visitors come across your website and the Ad comes in their Facebook feed.


Cooking up a Facebook marketing strategy

facebook marketing

We’ve talked enough about how fruitful facebook advertisement can be.

That can be in the form of attractive graphics, short videos game.

But hang on a minute.

Having a strategy is crucial to make Facebook ads bring a whole lot of business.

Our strategy involves creating brand awareness, increasing your business reach and ultimately capturing leads for sales.

You get the bounty only when the Ads are well created and promoted.

And that’s what we do here at Conveyz. We help businesses to get the attention they deserve through Facebook Marketing.

So take the next step and contact us. 

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