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Are Facebook Ads Still A Good Way To Promote Business In This Instagram World?

Now, why is it Instagram world nowadays and not Facebook world anymore? This depends on the inclination of young people towards a social media website. According to a recent survey by Pew Research, Instagram is mostly used be people between 18 and 29 years of age. Interestingly, 55% of internet users that belong to this group prefer Instagram over Facebook.

Facebook had a high time during 2010 to 2015. As we entered 2016, Instagram gained popularity. Facebook wins in some areas while in other, Instagram is the winner when it comes to e-business ads.

Number of daily users and global reach

Facebook has more profiles than Instagram as of yet. It has 2.2 billion active users on monthly basis. Around 60% of the users are alone from the US, UK and Europe. If the business targets these specific areas, Facebook is the ideal platform.

Instagram has around 800 million active users per month out of which 500 million are daily users. What adds more to it is that around 80% of these users belong to rest of the world than USA. This predicts that Instagram has a great global reach and can be a better platform for targeting audience worldwide.

Targeting your audience

Another thing to consider is that online businesses usually need to target young people. More than 80% e-commerce websites feature products and services that are specifically for young people. In the coming decade, there are several online services and products that are for the older people. 79% of internet users that use Facebook are between 30 and 49 years of age, and 64% of them are between 50 and 64.

So if your business targets the younger age group, Instagram is the best option. But, if it is for the older age group, make sure you have a number of ads on Facebook as the older group has not yet reached Instagram world.

Number of uploads, likes and views

Coming to the analytics, Instagram has more than 1 million advertisers. On average, 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram on daily basis, and more than 150 million stories are uploaded. These videos have around 4.2billion likes in one day and the stories have around 10 billion views. This shows that Instagram has top position when it comes to engagement.

But Facebook has still managed to be on the second position in engagement analytics. As you would not want to narrow down your options, Facebook Ads are still worth it.

Variety of ads

When we talk about advertising options offered by Facebook and Instagram, Facebook offers around 11 kinds of ads. With different options, you are good at choosing the one that suits best to your budget yet delivers your needs.

On the other hand, Instagram has only 4 different types of ads. Now, the interesting thing here is that even though Instagram has lesser variety of ads than Facebook, it comes with Stories Ads which became a popular way to put forward Ads.

As per a recent study by Agora Pulse, Stories Ads are far better than Feed Ads. And so, we see Facebook producing this feature recently as well. So, when it comes to the variety of Ads, Facebook is the clear winner.


It can be predicted that both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are really helpful in yielding business. Today’s world is called Instagram world due to inclination of younger age group towards the platform. So, choose Instagram Ads if you are targeting this specific group. If your business is versatile, Facebook Ads are still the most recommended option.

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