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Facebook Profile Vs a Facebook Page

Many businesses get confused with a Facebook profile page and a facebook page. Their business runs on their facebook profile page and not on a separate business page.

In this blog post we will go through the difference between both.

  1. Your Facebook profile is your PERSONAL facebook profile page. This is for sharing content with your friends and family. You need a personal Facebook Profile account in order to create a Facebook page.
  2. Your Facebook Page is a specific web page within Facebook for you to build a fan following [LIKES] and share relevant content on. You need a Facebook Page in order to create Facebook Ads

Username for both pages can be created separately to get a URL for each page.

What is the difference between Facebook Profile username and Facebook Page username?

  1. Changing your Facebook Profile username will change the URL for your own personal Facebook profile. The username can be set on your Facebook settings page.
  2. Your Facebook page username is also for setting your URL. It is to use the brand or business name for the Facebook Page username. Your username can be edited on your Facebook page.

With your Facebook page which will be mostly your business page, your Ads Manager to create Facebook Ads can be created.

Once you have your friends on Facebook Profile page , you can invite them to like your business page and that way you can focus entirely on your business posts in that page and social sharings on your Profile page.

With the business page, you can run Ads, create offers and generate leads and enquiries with a proper managed Facebook Ads campaign.

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