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Facebook Ads Vs Boosted Posts

For many business owners, the idea of automated cheap, relevant traffic that can convert to huge sales is a dream. That is the core goal of any site owners. In this blog post, we are going to talk about two major concerns for running a marketing campaign and how it should be used.

Facebook Ads Vs Boosted Posts

No doubt that Facebook Ads is a major component of the digital marketing plan. Whom you choose as the Facebook ads manager will either make or mar your business. With over two billion potential clients that Facebook command on a monthly bases, every business needs to engage more on Facebook ads by using targeted marketing campaign. Now, what is really the difference between Facebook ads and boosted posts?

Facebook Ads

The world of digital marketing is new, innovative in nature and fast growing. But, this system is very complex when you engage social media manager without merits or the know-how. Facebook ads are very vital to the success and growth of your business. It is the fastest and easiest way to reach your target audience. It has the capacity to bring about massive sales in your business if properly done.

The need or the importance of Facebook Ads to modern day’s business growth and development cannot be undermined. Hence, the need to hire the services of a proficient Facebook ads manager or agency is paramount. A Facebook ad is a targeted campaign designed to aid you to reach your specific digital marketing goals. These objectives can be attracting more Facebook users to your website, more likes, clicks or views on your blog. The effectiveness of Facebook ads are enormous and cannot be ignored if you strive for business success.

Boosted Posts

You must understand that boosted posts are not the same as Facebook Ads. Many believe that boosted posts are the fastest and easiest way to grow their business online. There is no doubt that you can increase your post reach with boosting, but it does not guarantee huge sales or high level of conversion rate that Facebook ads command. Using boosted posts for digital marketing is simply restricting your business potentials to the right audience. This is because boosting only offers a fraction of Facebook ads. You can use behaviors, interest, age, location, and others, but you cannot use custom and lookalike audiences. Which deter you from reaching the right target.

Which Method Is Best For Your Business?

If you are not sure of the type of Facebook advertising method to use for your digital marketing endeavor, the only way to is to create a strategic marketing plan before choosing either Facebook ads or boosted post. Your goal will surely determine the advertising method that will be more viable for your business. If you are looking for a specific digital marketing strategy to reach the right audience, draw your website traffic to a maximum range, increase sales and consistent engagement with valuable content with an email list it can be done through Facebook ads and not boosted posts. Conveyz is the right social media marketing agency that can bring this to a reality. With the help of this firm you can have advanced customization options that include behavioral targeting, call to action capabilities, huge traffic, and high conversion right which will stimulate massive sales.

Seek The Help Of Digital Marketing Experts At Conveyz

A lot of energy, resources goes into creating an outstanding digital marketing plan. Also, making the decision of the right advertisement campaign to run, like Facebook ads or a boosted post is quite daunting and difficult. But don’t worry, the digital marketing professionals at Conveyz have the required knowledge and tools to aid you in creating standout ads that suit your business needs. If you desire to know how well we can transform your business with Facebook, please reach out to us at Conveyz to give you top-notch advertising service.

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