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Experimenting Website Design For Better Conversions

A great presentation is the key to every successful business.

It’s the reason why supermarkets keep their stock well organized, and hotels serve dishes beautifully.

They pay meticulous attention to the serving so that your overall experience of dining gets better.

Now even if the food isn’t all that good, you may still return because everything else was excellent.

Why do hotels do that? Just to make your overall experience of dining better.

The same thing happens when a person visits a well designed business website.

When it’s well designed and functional, the chances of a visitor becoming a customer increases.

Knowing the current state of your web design

When visitors land on your website, you want them to have a great experience.

They should move around your website without friction and get to what they want easily.

And for that, you need to know what is the current state of your website. What are your visitors doing on your website, and where are they clicking.

You need data in order to experiment further and see where changes are required.

Tools to analyzing your website

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Thanks to the golden age of digital, we have a whole lot of tools at our disposal. These are digital tools that help in keeping a close eye on what visitors are doing on your website.

Today, we’re going to tell you about two of the most popular tools which can help you in optimizing your website design.

And the incredible thing about these tools is that they work really well.

The first one is Hotjar

Hotjar is an analytical tool tells us the visual behavior of visitors on the website. It provides a visual data so that we can understand where visitors click and tap on the website.

But that’s not all

There are other things that you can find on a tool like Hotjar.

Things like,

Where do visitors drop off?

This is the coolest advantage of using tools like Hotjar. We love it because it informs us where the visitors jump off our client’s website.

And once we know where they’re getting off the boat, we start working on that page. Changes are made in web design, buttons and copywriting to reduce drop offs.

Removing friction from Landing Pages with visitor data

Which is the most important page on your website? The landing page. It’s where the make or break deal happens.

If you have an ecommerce site, your landing page is where it says order now.

Do you want your visitors to face friction there? No, we’re sure. Friction can be caused by bad design, poor copywriting or a malfunctioning website. And these things can cause visitors to drop off.

Tools like Hotjar helps us in understanding what’s wrong.

They record the behavior of the audience and help us remove friction from pages.

Combining visual data with numerical data 

Another incredible tool to track traffic on websites is Google Analytics. It is a tool which tells you a lot of information about your visitors.

It provides information like:

  • Where does visitors come from?
  • Which page do they bounce most on?
  • Which geographical location do they live in?
  • Which device do they use?

And a lot more…

To understand why visitors drop off, the data from Analytics can be supplemented with the data of Hotjar. The data derived will help us in improving the web design and increase conversion rates.

Understanding the user with data

Data has become the lifeline of digital businesses. It acts as the fuel to keep things going, and making businesses aware about their customers.

The data you derive with tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics is of immense help.

Apart from getting ideas about web design, you can also understand your customers well.

And having an excellent grasp of your customers is going to help you in serving them better.

Once you understand your customers, you can work on every aspect of your web design, copywriting and marketing.

We at Conveyz have been helping our clients in fixing their web design with the help of data.

Want your website to convert visitors into customers? Get in touch with us for responsive and beautiful web design.

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