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Do You Need A New Website For 2019?

Looking for a new website design ?

If you are business owner and you have a website, you certainly want more enquiries, more traffic and more awareness for your products and services. Digital marketing can help you get that traffic required. But your website plays an important role in getting those conversions and enquiries.

No matter how well your digital marketing is, it will never be enough if it cannot handle the traffic and provides a memorable experience for your customers.

In this blog post we will go through some basics on why you need a new website.

Mobile friendly

Yes we all know how our life is empty without mobile phones. In 2019 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.68 billion as researched here. Most of the websites that we see today have same design on mobile and desktop. That is definitely not going to work to provide you your ideal clients. There should be a change in layout from desktop to mobile.

Have a look at your website. Do you have to zoom in a lot to get your product or services seen? And has the same layout as on mobile and desktop?

If yes, then do you think you need a new website?

Too old

Was your website designed more than three years ago?

A lot has changed with respect to design and layout within these years. Did you know each element on website has a reason on why it is placed in the corner or at the top? Read more on how different web conventions in website design are important and how it can improve conversion rate.

Website designed for conversion

Is each page on your website designed with a goal? Call to action button is a common terminology in website and landing page designs. Examples of call of action buttons are Enquire, Contact us, Request quote, Free Consultation and many more as per your page goals. Each page should have a clear call to action button that the visitor can easily take to contact your business.

Social media integration

Just how websites should be mobile friendly it should also have integration to social media platforms. If it doesn’t have or is hard to find, then it’s time for a re-fresh.

Outdated text

We have found websites that have not even updated their contact details on the website after they moved to a new location or have got new office details.Outdated information is not good for your business image and doesn’t reflect professionalism. Good to have product details and services updated on website if changes quite often.


Customers who research and find your services will always go through your competitors website. If your competitors website is shiny with social media integration, call to action buttons, good testimonials highlighted, then are likely to switch from your website to their website. Would you then consider to think about a new website?

It doesn’t always need big changes to website to get it designed as per recent trends. It can also be enough to do a few tweaks to make it functional and professional. Conveyz designs websites as per recent trends in even the basic packages. Contact Conveyz Web Design and Digital Marketing if you need an opinion on your website design.

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