Conveyz Introduces Free COVID-19 Contact Tracing/Customer Check-in Tool

Conveyz Introduces Free COVID-19 Contact Tracing/Customer Check-in Tool

Supporting our community and businesses through COVID-19!

Create Customer Check-ins Digital at your venue. Generate a QR code for customers to scan on your venue. Collecting customer details with a contactless method such as a QR code will keep customers and staff safe. Make contact tracing easy.

FREE COVID-19 Contact Tracing Tool for businesses. Easy Set-up. Just takes few minutes.

Follow the below steps to generate your QR code:

How to use:

Step 1: Login on

Click on -Register. Add your business. Give your business details. (Different time zones so can be used by any country/location) You can edit it later by clicking on the three dots on right corner. Click “Open Apps”.

Step 2: Give form fields. Date and entry time is collected by default on all forms. Click Update.

Step 3: Click on “Get QR Code “ on top. Open the URL to check the form. Download the QR COde, print it and display it in your business location.

Step 4: Later, check the entries on the Check-in Lists on the Dashboard.

Why this tool?

As a digital marketing agency and also as a business helping other businesses through COVID-19 we are proud to introduce this FREE Covid-19 Digital Contact Tracing tool.

This tool named as Conveyz Check -in Tool allows any business that is looking to collect contact information to easily create a QR Code which opens up to a form for visitors to fill in when entering the venue. Businesses can export the data anytime of the day from their dashboard.

They can create their own business login, upload their business logo and create the form as per their requirements.

When a visitor at your premises signs-in with the Conveyz Check-in Tool the data is instantly transferred straight to your login dashboard so you can view records in real-time. 

Authorities can request detailed copies of your visitor records at any time and if you can’t present, you do run the risk of a fine. In your login dashboard, you can export CSV, PDF or a .xls copy at any time. It contains all the information as given in the form fields.

It works on any internet-connected device only takes a few minutes to get set up and running.

Conveyz is offering this tool for free to businesses of all sizes that need to collect customer contact details. For hospitality industries it enables them to remove all paperwork and maintaining them. Just give the QR code to customers to check-in at their table.

Conveyz Web Design and Digital Marketing can create such customized tools as per your business requirements.

Conveyz Introduces Free COVID-19 Contact Tracing/Customer Check-in Tool
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