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Are chatbots in Facebook ads going to replace email marketing?

Chatbots are really great and awesome, and with the way the technology is being run, we think it might totally transform the way businesses capture, and close leads in the near future. Chatbots for businesses are here to help business owners advance their strategic goals.

WHAT really is this CHATBOT about?
Chatbot is actually a digital service driven by basic rules of AI. It can function within social media platforms such as FB Messenger, Slack or your own very business website. Chatbots can help fulfill specific business tasks such as pre-qualifying a lead or generating time-booking to solve a particular client’s service problem through communicating via a messenger app.

Advantages of using Chatbots

Messaging apps have generated multi millions of active users for the past years. For instance, individuals do spend lots of time on FB messenger with over 1.2 billion active users; this is much more than activity spent on the Facebook platform.
Using chatbots offers amazing opportunities since it allows end-users communicate with their customers in an environment where they are already used to spending most of their hours on daily basis i.e. within the messenger apps.

Chatbots is extremely a large growing market and will keep growing rapidly in the next coming years. The value it presents to businesses and how projects are being run – is just outstanding!
When contrasted with email marketing, the chatbot technology delivers better opt-in rates which can be as much as 10 times higher than obtainable with email.

It is exclusive since as a business – you will be directly communicating one on one with your users and customers’ right where they choose to be and they simply love it.

It simply offers a more personalized way for doing business in this 21st century. Each chatbot communication can be personalized as you want – contingent on user’s preferences. Using chatbot is like interrelating with a friend.

It offers you the benefit to chat using gifs, emoticons, videos, making it a great bot that does better than conventional email marketing.
It transforms the general one-way conversation system into a two-way conversation which is ideal for getting more businesses done and executed.

With chatbots, communication with your clients is more like a 2-way thing since you will have the platform to constantly request for user inputs.
There are several chatbots out there but the most promising is that of Facebook chatbots – great for marketers and small business owners. It is so – since this is where majority of your target audience and potential customers spend most of their time during the day.

Chatbots offer the potentials of gaining up to 90 percent open rates. This is quite a considerable one to seize when compared to email marketing that only generates less than 30 percent open rate.

It becomes so easy for you to get prospects to engage with your business and offering through chatbots, as you effortlessly lead them down your funnel. It is now easier to use this platform to request from users – their preferences and then be able to immediately receive instant responses. With this alone, you can be able to make better decisions and deliver more personalized offers.

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