Case Study

How We Helped A Commercial Real Estate Coach Get 94 Leads in the First Month at $13 per lead

About The Client

Fast Track Commercial is run by Mish Daniel who is a commercial real estate property coach.  

The Problem

Mish was running facebook ads when I first met her. But she wasn’t getting any results with those ads. Main objective was to get webinar registrations. She only got likes and engagement with boosting posts without any real results. Hence she was interested in only getting results.  

The Challenge

Being in the real estate industry, getting cheaper leads was a challenge for us for a high ticket product . Also we were running the ads from the funnel already built by them. Hence without any change in the funnel, we had to bring results.

The Solution

In order for Facebook ads to work, nailing the targeting was critical so that’s where we always start after understanding what the client wants. We created an ideal client avatar and spent some time researching and creating audiences. We decided to test a few different strategies to understand what would work best for these audiences. 

First we ran few ads with the best offer of 26% ROI per year on commercial property investments as the headline. This headline with actual figures created a lot of interest and engagement among the audience.  

By simply changing creativity and targeting we increased the engagement and registrations.  

The second month we tried using video ads done by Mish Daniel which were 3 to 4 min ads talking on the different real estate strategies for investing in commercial real estate. This just boomed the entire campaign with high quality booked calls.  

Establishing a better cost per lead was an important consideration . Hence we tried running ads without the webinar and getting only booked calls to decrease the cost per lead, but that didn’t give good quality leads. Mish understood that most of the ROI would not be immediate and would then nurture these people and offer them a chance to attend her event and book a call with an email sequence.  

But we also started a retargeting campaign to get calls, which instantly gave results for $3 a call.

The Result

Overall, we spent $3800 across three months with three campaigns .  

Campaign 1: Webinar and E-book Downloads Got 193 conversions in total ( webinar registrations and e-book downloads) Cost per registrant for webinar and ebook downloads= $13 (from COLD TRAFFIC)  

Campaign 2: Event Registration $5 per event registration, spent $186, 36 event registrations 

 Campaign 3: Retargeting $2 to $3 booked calls , 13+ booked calls per month with retargeting and webinar registrations ads. Added 50+ people to her Facebook page.  

Services Offered

Pixel and Audience Set-up for Conversions Copywriting, Creative of Ads Optimizing on a daily basis Event Ads, Webinar Ads, Retargeting Ads

We help real estate coaches increase the conversion rate on their funnels while increasing course bookings by paid Facebook Ad launching solutions.

What do our customers say!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Priyanka and her team of designers in my recent re-branding exercise. They designed a beautiful logo which perfectly captures what I wanted to convey. I have had so many great comments on the new website too.

Client Logo
Jenelle Evans Equanimity Bookkeeping Advisory

My WordPress website had important sections in it that I could not update to reflect changes in my business. Conveyz unlocked those sections and gave me a clear instruction manual for maintaining the changes in the future. They also were available for support when I hit unanticipated problems in the process of updating content. Very happy with their customer service and the quality of their work.

Client Logo
Neville Starick Cynosure Counselling and Coaching

I’ve known Priyanka for a couple of years. Seeing the great results she and her team at Conveyz were achieving for other businesses I work closely with and hearing of their positive experience working with her, I had no hesitation engaging Conveyz for my digital marketing needs. And, I have not been disappointed. They are very talented, quick, and provide the kind of customer service that leaves me wishing more businesses were like them.

Client Logo
Kim Woolard Director at VE Assist

As a Managing Director and Business coach of a large group of independent businesses, l needs to be able to rely on other external professional business operators to assist me in delivering quality outcomes for those business owners. Conveyz (Priyanka and her Team) have assisted me recently in developing and delivering a quality Website for one of my clients, the whole process has been one of ease and professional all the way from start to finish. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Conveyz for anyone looking for online services from development to online lead generation. Thank you

Client Logo
Doug Riddell General manager/ Business Consultant-Busy In Business

Convezy helped us redesign our website and also generated lot of high quality enquiries after the redesign. The entire process from start to finish was easy even though with many products and images to update. Would highly recommend anyone looking for a website designer that gives results with best design.

Client Logo
Hardik Shah Director of INGECO

Priyanka has been working with my business on social media doing Face Book adverts and the like for the last two months we have had a great response turning new leads into sales- it is clear she is dedicated to her customers success, giving her best to fulfill there social media goals and future success – Great investment

Client Logo
David Goulter Mt Gravatt Pressure Cleaning

Conveyz-Web Design are very efficient and committed to provide services as per the commitments. Priyanka was very friendly and approachable.

Client Logo
Dipak Patel Personal Injury, Business and Conveyancing lawyer
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