3 Pillars for Top Google Rankings/SEO resulting in Increased Revenue

Have you ever wondered how can I automate enquiries for my business so that part of understanding how to generate more business is checked off from your list?

One way to get those enquiries is by top google rankings. But how do you achieve that and what is involved in the process of achieving that?

Your website is the main source of generating enquiries online. The approach that we use to get leads/enquiries is called SEO (Search engine optimization).

When we optimize your website pages so that when someone types in Google for your business products it come on the top, than the process used to get your website on the top of Google is called Search engine optimization.

It is very crucial for B2B businesses to do SEO because they are not a retail business with foot traffic. Their main foot traffic is achieved online on their website. You are leaving a lot of money on the table if you are using the online demand for your products.

So, website is considered a main shopfront for B2B businesses.

So how can that foot traffic be achieved on your website? In terms of website visitors or in other words it called traffic to the website.

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Pillars for SEO

We have found that there are three main pillars that support the growth of your business online, increasing the website traffic with increasing the no. of enquiries you get as well as sales. And that is explained as below.

  1. Keyword Analysis

Keywords are words used by people on Google to find your services. For example, if you are a manufacturer of sheet metals in Brisbane and someone searches for “sheet metal manufacturers Brisbane” then it is called keyword in SEO and that we rank your website for such keywords.

Proper keywords need to be chosen which have traffic and people do search for such Keywords. Google Keyword Planner gives a of lot keywords for each industry and what people use to find for your services.

If we find keywords that has zero traffic and also a keyword which doesn’t have a proper intent of buying your services then it is also not a good keyword.

Hence proper keyword analysis with keywords with a minimum traffic of at least 100 searches per month is a good start.

  1. Content marketing

Without content marketing it is difficult to rank your website. One important thing in the online world is that you have to compete with your competitors.

To rank on the top, we should be able to show google that we are better than others.

Blogs, Whitepapers, Articles, Press releases, Email Newsletters are very important tools for B2B business to generate more leads and enquiries.

  1. On-page Optimization

On page optimization is the process of enhancing your website pages so that it reaches on the top of Google. And a lot of technical factors are involved in it and we report our customers based on the following which we think is important out of many others.

  • Content analysis
  • UI/UX
  • Broken Links
  • Page description: Called as Meta tag description, Page titles

Content analysis: This is done to understand the word count on each of the website pages. And also, to ensure that the word count is average compared to your competitor pages. On google it is all about the best ranking you get to position yourself as an expert in your industry and get the best high-quality leads.

UI/UX: This is a design change done on the website to ensure it is user friendly and customers can easily browse through your website and find things. As it is your online shopfront your products should be easily found and not get lost in the design. This is done to ensure better conversions.

Broken links: Broken links are links that are not working and need to be removed as it affects your ranking. There will be many links on your website which during the course of updating the website would be broken and not working. We get those links through Google’s Webmaster Console and remove them.

Page Description: Page descriptions on Google are defined as Meta- descriptions. They are very important as on the basis of that Google first reads your pages and ranks them. Each page should be explained well for the keywords we want to rank on Google.

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3 Pillars for Top Google Rankings/SEO resulting in Increased Revenue
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