3 Major SEO Secrets for B2B Businesses

Elevate Your B2B Business with These 3 Vital SEO Secrets! If you are a marketer and working on generating leads for your sales team, you definitely know how important it is to generate regular leads. You understand that keeping your leads pipeline full is mandatory for a successful business.

But sometimes it is time consuming creating an online lead generation strategy and also focusing on its long term. SEO is a one of the long-term strategies to generate an automatic pipeline of leads every month through your website. Winning in the search engine world will give a boost to your online marketing where you never have to worry about the next lead.

In some cases, B2B marketing is different from B2C.

Sales people have to deal with high level executives in B2B while in B2C they have to deal directly with consumers. So, targeting the right audience and using industry specific strategies and tactics is quite important.

If you are a B2B business the following tactics are required to help you win in the search engine world. That is getting high Google rankings for your particular product. But a lot goes into understanding how we get those rankings and not just getting rankings but targeting the right audience with intention to buy. There are different types of audiences online. People looking for just information, research companies, competitors, students and finally buyers. So how do we understand whether we are reaching the right audience or not?

SEO Secrets for B2B Businesses

The following 3 SEO secrets will help you understand some strategies to reach your B2B audience.

  1. In-depth keyword research

The first and foremost step to identify before starting any SEO campaign are the keywords that we target. If we get this wrong, we will target the wrong audience and hence not the right visitors to your website.

You need to do a comprehensive keyword research to understand what is being searched for in Google for your business products. Look at the volume of searches. Volume of searches means the no. of people typing a particular phrase in Google related to your products and services. For example, if you provide a plastic injection moulding facility and someone types in “plastic injection moulding Brisbane” your website should be visible to them to look for and send an enquiry.

There are more than 1000 such keywords/ phrases that you will be having for your business. So if you are not tapping on this opportunity and not visible for such searches, you are leaving a lot of money for your business. Your competitors would be tapping these customers so you have to make sure you are competing with them online. Google ranking is achieved when your website is viewed more. So, Google gives a preference to rank your website ahead of your competitors.

  1. Content Marketing

So how do we get our website to be viewed more than competitors?

In B2B marketing a lot of content can be circulated through whitepapers, articles, press releases, eBooks, guides and newsletters to reach your online audience. This is one difference with B2B business and B2C. While the sales cycle is often long in B2B, it requires good content to build trust and acquire good customers.

When we create a content strategy based on the keywords that we select, we create a very robust and long-lasting platform for our business online. Good content and good strategy help to provide great results and without any spammy techniques.

  1. Indexing

One of elements in SEO that is overlooked is after creating valuable content, how do we get it searched by Google? It is also called Indexing.

The answer to that is On-Page optimization and Off-page activities.

On-Page optimization is the process of writing the page titles and its keywords on the backend of your website for Google to understand the page. Mostly done in either Yoast SEO or All-in-one SEO. Some other tools are also used.

In addition to that, some off-page activities are done like citation building (called directory submissions), social media posting, classified submissions, guest blog posting, article posting and most important of all is Backlinking.

When some content is posted on different websites and then linked to your website, Google thinks this content to be valuable and important.

If many sites link to any website, then search engines think it is a good website. So this process is called Backlinking.

At Conveyz, our SEO specialist focuses on delivering results based on leads and sales. Ranking is not important if it can’t give good traffic to website along with conversions.

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3 Major SEO Secrets for B2B Businesses
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