3 Digital Marketing Strategies For The Manufacturing Industry

Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

The number one reason you aren’t experiencing much traffic on your manufacturing industry website is you’re not using key digital marketing strategies to grow your online presence. We will discover today best digital marketing for manufacturers.

Digital marketing strategies such as SEO, targeted content and a slick website design are essential for bringing potential customers to your website (and keeping them there). The more people visit your site, the more your sales will increase. Being a manufacturer it is a must to have some online presence to increase local enquiries along with export enquiries.

Below are three tried and true digital marketing strategies that will help you gain more visitors and convert them into customers.

1. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) To Appear In More Google Searches

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the most important digital marketing for Manufacturers. We explain SEO and how it works in depth here, but the bottom line is it is how people find you using Google search. The most crucial step is to include certain keywords that people might enter in Google search in your website content. As a manufacturer, you’ll probably want to use keywords related to the type of products you offer like “ nut and bolt” or “industrial gauges manufacturers”. Good SEO can double or even triple your website traffic. It’s also inexpensive, but the potential rewards are exponential.

2. Create An Attractive Website Design To Convert Visitors To Customers

Website design is crucial when you’re a manufacturer trying to sell your product. Good website design will feature your products or services on the very first landing page. It will also have a simple navigation system so potential customers can easily find things like product descriptions, contact information and order forms.

If your site is too cluttered, the customer will likely lose interest in it. Remember, you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. If it’s too difficult for the customer to find out more information about your product or where to place an order, they won’t want to stay. That’s why it’s important to design a clean, straightforward website with easily identifiable menus and an emphasis on showcasing your product.

Online attention spans are extremely short. You need to grab visitors’ interest instantly. A good website design helps you do that.

3. Create Targeted Content To Keep Visitors On Your Website

Once someone visits your website, it’s essential to keep them there so they will order your product. You can accomplish this by creating targeted content such as detailed product descriptions, brochures and contact forms.

How do these types of content keep customers on your website? First, product descriptions and brochures tell your customers what they want to know. They want to know what your product is, how it works, how much it is and how they can purchase it. If a customer comes to your website and there is nothing that tells them any of that, they will probably leave the site. This is because you haven’t told them what you’re selling.

What about call-to-action forms? These include order forms which allow your customers to “take action” and order your product directly through your website. This is more convenient for the customer and will increase your sales.

Using the 3 strategies above, you will see increased traffic as well as bigger profits for your manufacturing business.

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3 Digital Marketing Strategies For The Manufacturing Industry
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