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Month: November 2018

Facebook Profile Vs a Facebook Page

Many businesses get confused with a Facebook profile page and a facebook page. Their business runs on their facebook profile page and not on a separate business page. In this blog post we will go through the difference between both. Your Facebook profile is your PERSONAL facebook profile page. This is for sharing content with …

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How to Choose a Website Hosting Provider?

Often times we get this questions asked from a new business owner who is just starting business and needs to know the first step while thinking about a website. So this post is dedicated to new business owners for questions they have on website hosting and how to decide on a good website hosting provider. …

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What CMS(Content Management System) To Use For Your New Website

What is a CMS? CMS( Content Management System) are softwares you use to create and publish content on websites. There are ton of options from subscription-based options like Squarespace to self-hosted options like WordPress and Drupal. You may be using any of these already. But if you are just getting started and need a different …

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Three Types Of Effective Web Design Landing Pages

  In this blog post we will glance through the three types of website landing pages and how do you decide what type of landing page do you need for your marketing campaign? Where should you send your website traffic to? Depending on what your marketing campaign goal is, will determine where your traffic should …

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Understand The Four Stages Of A Website Design Sales Funnel

  In this blog post, let’s look at the decision making process and how people actually buy from you from your website design. What stages are important to consider while designing web pages. After all the point is to get more people to convert on your website for more revenue generation.To understand how buyers progress …

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